1. No clue requires force to be solved.  Please use critical thinking and not brute force to solve the puzzles.  You are responsible for any damages to props or equipment due to rough play.

2. Please do not stand or climb on furniture or props.  While we encourage you to search the room we will not hide clues out of your reach.

3. We ask that you do not take photos or use recording devices during game play.  You may take pictures in the lobby or specific areas in each puzzle room after your game is completed.

4. We have a gamemaster inside the room with you for the purpose of safety as well as to provide hints if players request them.

5. We ask that you do not discuss specific clues or puzzles with friends or family but rather tell them about your overall experience and allow them the excitement of solving the puzzles themselves.

6. Players who are under 14 may also participate but must be accompanied by an adult.

7. For safety reasons we have provided quick escape methods for each room.  Staff members will familiarize you with these prior to entry into the room.  Refunds will not be given for players who choose to exit the game early if it is not in fact an emergency.

Finally… We will not allow players into the game rooms if they appear intoxicated or under the influence.  There are some great places located around Escape the Maddness where you can indulge after you have completed your game.  It is our goal that everyone have a safe and enjoyable experience.